At the first sight you will probably be charmed by the blue eyes..

When you will be lucky, you will discover Ragdoll´s character also and this will probably change your life..

Well..this way it starts many many years ago with me and so far I am still in love with those beatiful, majestic cats..maybe even more than on the beginning.

Ragdolls got their name from Ann Baker. She was convinced, that the kittens of Josephine inherited her disability of hind part after the accident she had - which is of course not possible.

But ragdolls stayed by this name. And I think it is the right name for them. Ragdolls are really calm breed. They are not too active, they like much more to sit on your lap and purrrrrr:-)

But of course the socialization is the most important thing by breeding the ragdolls. Only well socialized ragdoll kittens will enjoy the contact, brushing of the coat, playing and cuddling with you.

TICA breed standard here